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About The Menu

Saffron Street is a fresh casual restaurant concept that offers a modern/contemporary Indian dining experience. We offer a menu that prominently features modern translations of classic Indian comfort food favorites that are created by seamlessly integrating contemporary expectations with classic Indian flavor combinations and cooking methods.


Saffron Street celebrates an eclectic mix of flavors from every corner of the country and we constantly add seasonal specials to our menu. We look forward to sharing our passion for Indian Cuisine with you. 

About Najeeb

Saffron Street is the owned and operated by Indian Born Chef Najeeb Mohammed. Chef Najeeb began his culinary journey training at the Le Cordon Blue in Paris after which he worked in restaurants across Paris, all the while, honing and improving his culinary skills while learning new methods and techniques along the way. After Paris, his culinary journey continued back home in India, taking him through the vibrant spice bazaars to the kitchens of the best hotels in the hospitality business where he learned the deep intricacies of Indian spice profiles and flavors.

Always a journeyer at heart, Chef Najeeb’s food is a reflection of his personality & his time spent in various countries as an avid traveler. 


In 2020, Chef Najeeb moved back to Chicago & opened Saffron Street, a Virtual Indian restaurant. The food at Saffron Street blends simple and honest cooking that comes straight from the heart. The goal at Saffron Street is to fuse contemporary expectations with classic Indian flavor combinations and cooking styles. Serving Indian comfort food in a Modern way.

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