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Where traditional meets modern


Saffron Street is a fresh casual restaurant concept that offers a modern/contemporary Indian dining experience. We offer a menu that prominently features modern translations of classic Indian comfort food favorites that are created by seamlessly integrating contemporary expectations with classic Indian flavor combinations and cooking methods.


Saffron Street celebrates an eclectic mix of flavors from every corner of the country and we constantly add seasonal specials to our menu. 



Check The Menu


Chicken Meatball Paratha

Chicken Meatballs, Lettuce mix, Cilantro yogurt, Pickled onions, Ginger pickle mayo on Paratha bread


Green Chilli Beef Paratha

Spicy ground beef, Lemon Yogurt, Pickled fresno chillies, Dill, Mint, Red onion on a Paratha bread


Grilled Paneer Paratha 

Grilled Paneer, Lettuce mix, Cilantro yogurt, Pickled fresno chillies, Pickled onions, Kachumber on a Paratha bread


Spicy Curry Leaf Chicken Paratha

Spicy Curry Leaf Chicken, Lemon Yogurt, Pickled fresno chillies, Red onion, Mint, Cilantro on Paratha bread


Salad Box

Tender greens lettuce mix, Cilantro Quinoa, Roasted Brussels sprouts with coconut, Kachumber


Add on

Chicken Meatballs    $2.50           Charred Chicken   $2.50

         Grilled Paneer  $2.00                  Sweet Potatoes    $1.50             Choice of ONE Dressing

Cumin Lemon

Yogurt Curry

Spicy Coconut 


Lemon Yogurt


Cilantro Yogurt


Cumin Ghee Rice


Masala Fries


Rice Bowls

 Makhni Bowl

Spiced buttery tomato sauce, Hazelnut dukkah, Cream, Honey, Pickled onions, Cumin rice



      Chicken Meatballs    $2.50              Grilled Paneer    $2.00

         Charred Chicken       $2.50            Sweet Potatoes      $1.50         

Saag Bowl

Spinach Saag, Kachumber, Lemon yogurt, Pickled onions, Cumin rice


Charred Chicken      $2.50                 Grilled Paneer         $2.00

Green Chilli Beef

Spicy ground beef lamb curry, Pickled fresno chillies, Ginger, Lemon yogurt, Cucumbers, 

Cumin rice


Delhi Belly Bowl

Butter Sourcream sauce, Kachumber, Cilantro yogurt, Pickled onions, Cumin rice 


Charred Chicken     $2.50             Grilled Paneer        $2.00

Spicy Keralan Bowl

Spicy curry leaf chicken, Roasted Brussels sprouts with coconut, Lemon yogurt, Pickled fresno chillies, Green onions, Cumin rice 


Small Plates

Masala Fries

Fries, Indian spicy seasoning W/ Ginger Pickle Mayo



Makhni Chicken Fries 

Masala fries, Charred chicken, Makhni sauce, Cilantro Yogurt, Ginger pickle Mayo, Green onions



Experience the rich and diverse flavors of India with our authentic Indian catering services. From aromatic curries to mouthwatering sandwiches and salads, our talented team brings the essence of Indian cuisine to your event. Whether it's a special celebration, corporate luncheon, or a small gathering, we offer a curated menu that caters to your specific preferences and dietary requirements. Immerse your guests in a culinary journey that combines tradition and innovation, using Indian spices and flavors. 

Order Online 



433 W Van Buren St, Chicago IL 60607


+1 708-480-2092


Opening Hours

Monday & Friday

11.00 am - 3.00 pm 

Tuesday - Thursday

11.00 am - 7.00 pm

We now offer delivery through DoorDash and Uber Eats for your convenience. Simply place your order online and have your food delivered straight to your door

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